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And we promise, no Avril.
End-of-the-year special. 
5th-Dec-2006 09:54 pm
To all members of supersexsounds;

This is a special end-of-the-year special from the crew of supersexsounds.
For the whole month of December, we decided to give posting access to all the members. That's right, you are free to post whatever music you want in supersexsounds.

Why are we doing this?
Because we are lazy generous people who are open to music of different kinds. =)

However, some rules do apply:

1) Please do not post any requests. Request can be done at other communities that accepts them.

2) Upload them to a download site that others can use, such as sendspace, yousendit, clubbox and a recent good one, mediafire.

3) Don't dump your leftover links here, unless it's a song that everyone MUST listen to because it changed your life. =)

4) Friend-lock your post.

5) Keep it free from any LJ drama. Respect other people's taste in music.

As an additional bonus, I, fake_laughter shall upload one song a day till 31st December, because stupid things like this keeps me motivated.

If you are a member of supersexsounds and are not given posting access, do inform me, ya?
So start posting your recommended songs. =)
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